Bathroom Safety

The Importance of Bathroom Safety

The Importance of Bathroom Safety in India

Nearly 200,000 people are injured in their bathrooms annually, and one of activities most likely to cause injury is getting in and out of the bathtub. Seniors are often at the highest risk for bathroom injuries, but these tips can help reduce risks:

Bathroom Safety in India - Place no slip maths on the floor

Anti-Slip Floor Mats

Anti slip matting works hard to prevent accidents in wet and dry environments, where people are walking or standing. You can avoid slip hazards with effective anti slip mats that: Capture liquid / debris with practical drainage holes, so that the user doesn’t stand on them directly.

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Safety Handle Bars & Grab Rails

Grab bars are graspable bars to help someone maintain balance and lessen fatigue while standing. They are used to provide safety in the bathroom for seniors, people with disabilities and those recovering from an injury or illness that impairs balance or mobility

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Bathroom Safety - Install Bathroom Safety Grab Bar Handles & Frames
Bathroom Safety - Use Anti Slip Mat Next to Bath Tub

No-Slip Rug Next to Bathtub

Keep a no-slip rug or bath mat beside the bathtub or shower to avoid falls.

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Improve Vision with Better Lighting

Vision issues increase your fall risk, so make sure you have bright lighting that’s easy to reach.

Bathroom Safety - Increase Lighting in Bathroom to prevent falling

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